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(Dog must be seen to determine the final price)

Small dogs up to 15 lbs: $58 

Medium dogs 16 - 55 lbs: $65 

Large dogs 56 - 90 lbs: $145 

Full grooming includes:

- Ear cleaning
- Nail clip

- Sanitation hair trim
- Light de-matting 

- Bathing

- Bandana


- Excessive hair $20

- Hair knots/extra de-matting - $10

- Glands expressed - $5

- Nail grinding - $10

- Ear hair removal - $5

- Bath/blow dry/brush out - $20



 I do not work like most salons. When I groom, I do not rush with the blade to prevent accidents. I do not shave dogs nor use clippers with cords, as they are too loud. I use cordless clippers to avoid anxiety and fear. Most of my work is done by hand with styling scissors. Clippers are used mostly with dogs that have much hair, and the scissors are then used to style and get to sensitive areas. I consider myself a stylist. They are hard to come by and charge much more than I do in a salon environment. I don’t throw dogs into crates waiting their turn or blow drying with the blower next to their crate. I blow dry by hand with a small human dryer, as it makes less noise and is less intimidating. I don’t have ten or more crates of dogs barking into each other's ears. I use a small grooming room, I play soft, relaxing background music to help keep the dog calm. This is a private service; I groom only one dog a day by appointment only. I do not advertise, and it’s a special service provided mostly for dogs who board our home. Each dog I groom gets the full range of the house, and they take several short 10-minute potties and treat breaks. It’s more like a “spa day” for the owner’s furry friends. For the professional services I provide, I believe that I don’t charge what my services are worth. You own a very sweet dog,

and I wish you the best with your puppy. 


Book your spa day with me while your dog boards. 

More grooming pictures...

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Louie, before and after!



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