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I am one of the top few professional sitters in the Low Country with the most 5-star reviews, having accumulated 196 - 5 star reviews with 11 years of canine experience, also assisting in a shelter and having completed 4 canine certifications. I am certified in puppy training, general dog training, Canine CPR through American Red Cross, and grooming certification. Throughout my life, I have helped feed stray dogs and cats and find homes. By profession, I am a school teacher. I have taught music and computers to K-8th grades for 22 years. Due to my love for animals, For the past 11 years, I now have had my own pet sitting business and made caring for them my top priority. I own a house with a large fenced yard. I love dogs and children.  

Please note: Last year I stopped taking larger dog breeds, but I am now accepting large dogs for boarding once more.

Please note: I pay for your dog’s insurance. I want your dog/dogs to be covered in case of an emergency. 


Please Note:  My promise to my customers is that I try never to leave a boarder alone at home. Exceptions are an emergency, doctor appointments, dining out, or when I walk the other boarders.  This is rarely an issue, as my husband is normally home. He works from home, so this is a great help for me while caring for your furry friends. There are times when he has to leave for a business meeting or personal reasons. I manage well and I have a large, fenced yard for boarders to run and play. 


I just lost the best dog I ever had, on February 13, 2022. My dog Patches was a trained Community Therapy Dog and was Certified through Therapy Dog International. We had volunteered for Hospitals, special events, Assisted Living, and children’s Tail Waggin Tutor Reading Programs at the Library in Beaufort County, for 6 years, before the pandemic started. He was a very docile loving dog and our family, friends, and customers who knew him will miss him terribly! I am background checked through Rover and trained.  I was a school teacher for 22 years in NY.  I hold a Master's Degree in Education. Graduated Summa Cum Laude. Today, I will be teaching p/t online soon and continue to work in my own pet sitting business.



My passion is Teaching, Music, Singing, Playing the piano, and caring for children, the elderly, and animals. I love traveling and learning about different cultures. I love languages and speak English, Italian, and Spanish. I have some knowledge of Tagalog, and French, and I have been studying  Biblical Hebrew for the past 5 years. 

While I am caring for your pup, why not have him groomed? My grooming services are specifically made available for Boarders.  I do not work for a salon, as I like to do quality work and don't like rushing.  Your pup will have a spa experience with soft music and a quiet environment.  Please see the price listed under my services. 

I promise to care for your dog as if they were my own. Your dog will have plenty of exercise in our newly fenced-in yard. I report to you three to four times throughout the day and evening. I take plenty of pictures and video clips each day, to let you know what your pup is doing. I also do FaceTime and Marco Polo. In addition to dogs, I can also care for small mammals, such as guinea pigs or hamsters.



I own a small Jack Russell dog named, "Beethoven."  He is very playful and full of energy. In October 11, my husband and I added a new puppy to our family. Her name is Gracey. She is a Boston Terrier and she is 11 months old now. She is very sweet and loves to play. 



Due to the extra time, cleaning, and amount of work there is in caring for puppies up to 2 years of age. I charge $75 a day. 


I live in a pet-friendly community. Exercise and spoiling your dog are priorities. I keep my house clean and orderly. 




 If you drop off your dog at 1:00 pm on a particular date, pick-up should be no later than 1:00 pm on your pick-up date. If your pick-up time at my home is 8 hours apart, it is considered a FULL DAY OF DAYCARE, therefore, a fee applies above the normal boarding charges. The first hour is not charged out of courtesy. After one hour, there will be a full Day Care Fee. Puppy Day Care is $65


If you request a same-day booking, I charge $15 for last minute booking. I wave the fee for my repeat customers. 


I have a strict booking refund policy for overnight boarding, as it prevents me from securing other bookings, therefore, losing money. I will provide credit if you cancel 10 days before boarding. Due to the number of customers who book on the holidays and those I cannot board, due to my limit of dogs, there will be no holiday refunds, only credit if it’s two weeks (14 days) before boarding. 


Maximum boarding at my home is preferably 2 dogs. A third dog is based on special needs and circumstances (Special consideration will be given to accommodate unusual needs, holidays, and repeated customers. My goal is quality versus quantity.

Drop Off Hours: are 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Pick Up Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



There is an extra daily fee for the holiday Week, added to your published fees.


All dogs that board must be well-behaved and manageable. Signs of aggression are not acceptable.

All dogs must be potty and leash trained.  In the event that potty training is not evident during their stay at my home, there will be an additional fee a day for the cleaning, removing stains, and disinfecting of my home. If your pup is used to wearing diapers, that is permissible. I charge $15 a day for changing and cleaning diapers. Please bring at least 3 washable diapers. Ask me where you can purchase them. 



If your dog has any medical issues, please bring washable diapers or other needed materials. I have compassion and love for disabled animals. I will work with your special needs dog AT A MINIMAL EXTRA FEE. Blind dogs, three-legged dogs, and deaf dogs are more than welcome. 



All dogs must be vaccinated, and free of ticks, fleas, and kennel cough before boarding. 


Many folks are so thankful for the extra time, effort, extra pictures, and video clips I send so often during the day.  I am so touched by their appreciation, blessings, and their reviews. Thank you in advance! 


Discounts - 4 or more weeks


Please go through to book your stays. I DO NOT take cash for boarding unless you wish to thank me with a TIP or a GIFT. (Tips are always appreciated) All payments are done via my PayPal business platform. You can use any credit card to pay via PayPal.


Please ask me and I can provide an option.


(Small and medium dogs only - 50 pounds maximum)  Your dog must be used to grooming and be well-behaved. 

Full grooming includes:

Bathing, Hand Blow dry, Ear cleaning, Nail clip, Feet trim, Paw trim (scissors or clippers)

Sanitation trim, Ear cleaning, Dog cologne 

Deluxe Grooming:

 Special Scented Silk Detangler Conditioner with Aloe Vera, Deep scented moisture shampoo

Nail Grinding, Ear hair removal, Gland cleaning, Scarf, Light dematting, Small dogs (max 15 pounds) $58

Medium dogs (max 50 pounds) $65+


Please note: prices vary depending on circumstances. If your dog is not cooperative, it will take me more time and make grooming more difficult. I will have to charge more for this inconvenience. 



On the last day of your dog's boarding, you can leave a review on my website. Reviews are very important, as it lets other boarders know what they can expect. 

Looking forward to spending quality time, lots of fun and TLC with your best friend.

Blessings, Miriam 

TLC Owner/Partner



Dog is God spelled backward!

I just joined with my wife to be a host with TLC. My addition will help meet her heavy boarding demands. She is highly requested due to her outstanding reviews, experience, and certifications. I will be assisting her with special needs dogs, last-minute bookings, and on her off days. I am a professional counselor working from home. I take only a few counselees a day, therefore, your furry friend will get lots of attention and will never be left alone.

My first career was in corporate America working as a Branch Operation’s Manager at AT&T. I then transitioned to the educational field, teaching at elementary and college levels. We then moved from NY to the south after 20 years in the education field. Having completed a Doctorate and Board Certification in Biblical Counseling, I started my own counseling practice. 


I have two very friendly dogs and a large fenced-in yard for them to play in. They will get outdoor exercise several times a day. They will have complete run of our home; we place no restrictions on where they can go, short of not allowing them to sleep in our bed.

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